Dan Ridge-1

Greetings and welcome to a personal version of the “Hunger Games” starring Dan, also known as “The Danimal” as the sultry and resourceful Katniss, his appetite as the needy love interest, and his liver as the unfortunate collateral damage.

Growing up in south Orange County, Dan found his first job as a busboy at a small, historic restaurant in Laguna Beach. Little did he know that this would be the beginning of a curiosity-filled fast track to gluttony in its purest form. Through the years, in addition to opening a restaurant in Texas, he eventually climbed his way up to working alongside chefs of Michelin Star-rated restaurants as well as triple 5-star luxury resorts. Since then, he has been able to absorb and enjoy not only the complex and intricate flavors of fine dining and craft cocktails, but also has explored surrounding areas, while appreciating the elegance and beauty in simple, authentic recipes.

Today, as the food scene disperses itself in countless directions and provides an infinite number of options, Dan will not only steer you in the right direction with his unbiased recommendations, but will also assist you, as his friends, to finally find the answer to the million-dollar question; “Where should I eat today?” Dan cordially invites you to join him through a satirical, food- and libation-fueled journey to absolute satiation from dive bars to Michelin Stars.